Frame Content Knowing Your Website Audience

Content is the vital element in a website. It is through this medium entrepreneurs communicate to prospective users what they have got to offer and how their product or service is above par in the market. Many people spend a fortune in developing their own websites and a major chunk of the budget goes to attracting potential customers to buy ones product. It becomes a crucial part of your business to update the content in your website regularly and optimize your content for more readership.

If the content is not appropriate or is not in a style applicable to your target audience they will have no reason to stay on your site as your site will have no relevance to the information they are pursuing. So a wise and experienced content writer should know what kind of audience type he or she is dealing with and write content that is suitable for such.

Know Your Audience:

While deciding upon and writing content one should know their audience and their personality types. The population is broadly classified into four personality types.

The Spontaneous type – Has an individualistic attitude and is mainly activity oriented. They believe in doing things and are always on the move. They are not very disciplined with time and do things in a flash. Such personality types look for the best in the market and always do their research on the strategy “Why is the service or product the finest”. While writing content directed to personalities of spontaneous types the style of writing should concentrate on ethics, offer guaranteed results, and give a convincing outlook instead of giving them choices. An example of this kind style is “The strategies used are tailor made and can be customized for your business needs”.

Competitive type – Are those who are pure professionals and believe in potential outputs. Time is their slave as they are well organized and highly calculative. People who come under this category of personality type look for the benefits a product or service can provide for their personal or professional growth. They would always pose the question “what can the product do for my business”. The best way to deal with them is to provide them with alternatives, make them understand prospects and difficulties they may have to face while using the service. So the content should have sentences like “We as professionals assure you quality and timely output”.

People with Humanistic personalities have individualistic attitudes and are more inclined towards building strong business relationships. However, they keep no check of time and are generally slow in all processes. These people are more interested in knowing about clients and their reviews about the product or service being offered. The best way to attract these people is to motivate them with good will and good reviews from your existing clients. “Check out what our clientele has to say about our prompt service” – this way you introduce them to your testimonial page and convince them about your business.

A few potential customers fall under the Methodical audience – These People believe in intricate detailing and are hard-core business people. They are highly systematic and use time in a disciplined manner. Such people often target a direct question – How will your service workout for my business? To approach such people one needs to provide them with demonstrations and data to prove the quality of your service. The statement could be “We have 2056 branches across the country and around 450 projects have been successfully completed by our team of 4500 professionals”.

So while you are framing web content make sure to keep all personality types in mind, as any of the four can be a prospective client in the future. Doing so will allow you to create content like this –

“We as professionals assure you quality and timely output. The strategies used are tailor-made for businesses and can be customized as per your business needs. We have 2056 branches in the country and around 450 projects which been successfully completed by our team of 4500 professionals. Check out what our clientele has to say about our prompt services”.